What’s in store for Twine in 2020?

by Jake Moffatt

by Twine

28th February 2020

The final months of 2019 involved of a great deal of planning and preparation for the whole Twine team, in anticipation of a busy and exciting start to the new decade. We’re delighted to be able to give you some more details about the year ahead!

New products!

We’ve teamed up with the brilliant people at Musgrave Analytics and MyCake to bring you a brand new financial benchmarking tool for community businesses – Twine Benchmark.

Twine Benchmark is an analytics platform, built on five years of financial data for over 600 organisations in England to provide unique and detailed insights about the community business market.

Twine Benchmark goes beyond market analysis – you can enter data about your business (anonymously and securely) - and Twine Benchmark will compare your information with thousands of data points to provide you with unique insights and intelligence, tailored to you being a community business.

Twine Benchmark is designed by people who understand community businesses and in collaboration with community businesses.

We’re building on years of research conducted by Power to Change and our partners, and using modern digital product management best practices to make sure Twine Benchmark is shaped by the community business market.

And so, Twine Benchmark is geared towards helping with two of the big issues for many community businesses: Grant funding applications and Trading income.

We’re working with some of our grant assessors and programme managers to make sure that the insights and analysis provided by Twine Benchmark can help you write better, data-backed grant applications that have a higher change of being successful and help you identify potential new source of income that will help your business grow.

Twine Benchmark will be available via the Twine website in Spring 2020.

Updated products!

Not content with launching our first new product in more than 2 years, we’re going to be introducing some fantastic new features to our existing suite of products: Twine Volunteer & Twine Visitor.

Driven by your feedback and suggestions, we’re going to be relaunching both of our current apps with a focus on making it easier to get started and stick with managing your volunteers with Twine, meaning more time saved and more paperwork shelved!

Look out for more updates coming soon!

Redesigned Website & New Content

As you would have noticed if you’ve visited our site before – we’ve had a bit of a makeover.

We hope the new designs will help you get around a bit more easily, but in addition to that, we’re going to be giving our blog (now found in the ‘Resources’ section) a lot more attention – bringing you community business and 3rd sector-related opinions, interviews and articles from the Twine team and further afield.