Twine Volunteer 2020!

by Twine

4th November 2020


We've made new developments to Twine that we're excited to share with you.

Our newest update includes a bunch of new features for both Volunteer and Administrators, read on to find out more!

New Features for Volunteers


Twine Volunteer now automatically awards badges for volunteers. These are designed to recognise the efforts that volunteers are making in a simple way; once the requirement is met for a particular badge, it will appear on screen! Subsequently, it will be stored in that volunteer’s badges page.

Every volunteers’ first log will earn them a badge, and after that there are increments such a new badge for every 10 hours logged, every 5 logs and also for volunteers who have consistently volunteered over the period of 3, 6 months and so forth. This is to help volunteers with different patterns still get recognition; some may volunteer a lot in a short time period, others might spread their volunteering out over a longer period.



Volunteers can now add a note to each of their volunteering time logs, either when creating it or by editing it later.

Notes are a text field which is fully customizable. Volunteers could add a note about anything at all which it might be useful for an administrator to review. Administrators (Staff members) can read the notes on their own Smartphones. They could be anything, like:

  • Garden gate key left with Stephen.
  • Unexpected rain, so session held indoors - equipment left in the main hall.
  • Managed to get raised beds done ahead of schedule :)

As an organisation, you might set a particular protocol with volunteers (such as befrienders) to indicate when a session has been completed, for safeguarding reasons.


Improved Speed and Interface

This is an easy one; it looks better, it responds faster!

New Features for Administrators

Archiving Projects

Projects previously could be created or deleted. This wasn’t perfect, because a project, for example, “Open Day June 2019” might exist well into 2020. You still want that data, but you don’t want it to appear in the list Volunteers can choose from, because it’s a project that took place in the past.

Now, projects can’t be deleted. Instead, they are Archived. Any project that took place in the past can be archived and thus prevented from cluttering up the volunteers view, but the data is still available to you when you need it!

Projects which are archived can be restored at any time.



The above image also helpfully displays another new feature - Reminders!

Admins can now trigger a push notification that gets sent to all volunteers who have logged time on that project previously with a reminder to check if they need to log time. As you can see, the option also exists to send the same reminder but exclude any volunteers who have logged hours in the last 7 days. This should avoid the reminder going to too many people who don’t need it!

New Tools for Admins to Log Time

Previously, administrators could add logs using their smartphones, to fill the gaps where volunteers didn’t own a smartphone, or had forgotten to create a log.

Now, administrators can use the online dashboard to create logs easily using a web interface.


Plus, admins can create spreadsheets in .csv format and upload numerous at once. This is perfect if you want to upload historical data when you start using Twine Volunteer!


Viewing Volunteer Data

Our data dashboard now features a screen that displays all of your registered volunteers and their contact details. Perfect if you need to call some of your volunteers, or set up an email list.


(No phone numbers listed because literally every one of these is me!)

Viewing Logs via the Data Dashboard

Previously admins would need to pick up their phones to check out volunteering logs at a glance. Convenient for a cup of tea in the middle of the day, not so great if you wanted to review a full month of data.

Now, our Data Dashboard includes a tab which displays all volunteering logs without you needing to download them.


(The log with a blank space where the name should be is a volunteer who has had their personal data erased in line with the GDPR. We still know the volunteering took place, but we no longer know the person’s details.)

That's it! Thanks for reading and we hope you find these new features useful!