Twine December Update - Projects!

by Twine

17th December 2018


So, this is part blog and part news… the December update for the Twine volunteer app and visitor app went live last Thursday evening, and should now be available!

The update included a lot of “behind the scenes” improvements which will help us as we continue active development in 2019, but the headline piece is the new Projects function on the volunteer app.

Projects is an additional field of data, created by admins, affording control over data segregation to administrators of the volunteer app!

So, where people were once doing Activity: office support, you could now have them doing Activity: Office Support, Project: Community Share offer, or Project: ESOL Session Admin, or whatever you find useful in better understanding the hours your volunteers are logging.

Twine is being developed both for and with community businesses and other enterprises around the UK. This update is a direct result of input from various different organisations wanting better control over their data.

A huge thank you therefore to everyone who helped guide us towards this excellent addition and to anyone who has any feedback or ideas about how your use of the app could be improved; get in touch!

Below is ~90 second video showing off the new feature:

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