The Twine’s they are a-changing

by Twine

5th February 2019

Above: Castleford Heritage Trust at Queen’s Mill in West Yorkshire has a reputation as the largest stoneground flour mill in the world. This photo brings together old and new tools - the Head Miller’s Twine smartphone app against a hammer used to dress the millstone (on which both are resting).

The Twine’s they are a-changing

(Forgive the Bob Dylan pun please, I couldn’t help it.)

Twine is built specifically with the needs of community business at heart. We’ve grown from an idea into a platform of tools incredibly fast, and sometimes rapid growth needs to be reflected upon.

This is what we’ve done over this Christmas period: reflected. When we look at everything we’ve heard from our users, community businesses and otherwise, we found a growing trend. For a variety of reasons, the SMS survey functions were not appropriate for the wide range of organisations we are supporting.

That has lead us to take a bold decision - we are no longer going to be packaging the SMS survey functions into the Twine offering. The Twine apps for collating volunteer and visitor data are growing in popularity and function, and we just couldn’t say the same for the SMS surveys. The headline photo is a great example of our Volunteer app; the Head Miller at Castleford Heritage Trust in West Yorkshire has logged a staggering number of hours over the past year, and he’s not the only one!

What does this mean for you?

If you are a Twine user who currently uses the SMS survey functions, you’ll have until February 22nd 2019 to download your data if you want it. That’s the end-date for logging in to the SMS Survey element of the website.

If you are currently using the online volunteering data dashboard, there will be some service disruption while we build new data visualisation dashboards. You can still get your volunteering data in whatever format you want by contacting us in the interim before our new site is up (email below).

If you would be interested in continuing to use a SMS Survey function of some nature, the provider we partnered with, Frontline SMS, may be able to assist you. Their services and support have been outstanding throughout our work with them, and if you drop an email to Edward can put you in touch with them directly.

Further information

This change allows the Twine team to focus more on the elements that our users are requesting and can add real value to the ways you use data. A great example of this was the “Projects” update for the volunteer app which we made in late December.

As we continue to develop Twine to support community businesses and other users, we really are keen for your feedback and engagement. Each element of Twine has been based on user feedback at every stage, and as we go onwards we plan on continuing that (and possibly the bad puns - subject to review by my manager).

If you would like more information about this upcoming change, support or would like to give us feedback please do call us on 07384 466801 or email