The power of visitor data - for your visitors: Twine and the Wharton Trust, part 3

by Edward Walden

by Twine

1st August 2018

We were lucky enough to meet a volunteer working with the Wharton trust. She has been helping visitors get used to the new Twine visitor app.

Learn more about how the Wharton trust benefited from the new data tool here, and here. Get in touch if you want to use it, too!

Edward: How are you finding the app as a volunteer?

Julie: I’m using it to sign in, and it’s pretty quick, and it’s easy. The visitors I meet need someone to help them sign up the first time, though. People who aren’t used to technology won’t feel confident in just doing it for themselves.

Edward: I can understand that, and Sacha said something very similar. How did you find the sign up process itself, and what do people say about it?

Julie: I think it’s just the right information. It’s not too much. Everyone is avoiding giving details to things, and we don’t want to give lots of personal info. It just asks for your name, email and if you want to, phone number, and age and gender. I can see why they [The Wharton Trust] could find that info useful.

Edward: That’s good to hear, thank you. What would you say is the reason people feel okay using it so far?

Julie: They like to keep up with the times! All of the older people who visit for our bingo group have these cards to sign in on the app now. They see it as both doing what they [The Wharton Trust] wants in terms of data, but they also enjoy a new thing they can learn.

Edward: Supercool! That’s definitely what we would like people to think. Any problems with it or suggestions to improve it?

Julie: I think people sometimes have trouble scanning the QR code, which can slow down the process. That mainly happens to people who have never used a tablet or a QR code before. Some people don’t know what the camera looks like on the tablet. That gets better if they practice how to hold up the card.

Edward: How about a little printed yellow arrow with “Camera Here” on it or something like that? You could stick that on to the tablet near the camera.

Julie: That could work, yeah. Plus, it wouldn’t cost anything at all, and it’s helpful.

Edward: Neat! We’ll suggest that to people in future. Thanks for your time!

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