“It’s massively useful!” - How Royds Community Association started using Twine

by Sonja Wiencke

by Twine

7th June 2018

Royds Community Association is based in South Bradford, and has been running a range of initiatives for community regeneration since 1994. They rent out industrial units in a successful enterprise park, offer business consulting services to other community-oriented organisations and companies, and also run community centres and projects ranging from youth support to healthy living.

Royds Community Association heard about Twine and purchased a subscription in early 2018. They had been looking for a tool that would make it easier to engage with their community, gather opinions, and also improve their marketing.

We have caught up with Tony Dylak, the CEO, after Royds ran their first survey.

Twine team: What was the first survey for and how did it go?

Tony: We ran a survey among our staff team, on wellbeing. The aim was both to make them all comfortable with using the tool, and to make sure we care about our staff as a company. It went really well, everyone saw it working and saw how easy it was to use, set up, and respond to the questions.

Twine team: What about the results?

Tony: Through the survey, we were able to identify one of our staff members who was feeling very stressed. We have since discussed this matter with them in detail, and found a solution that should improve their wellbeing. That was really useful!

Twine team: How did you find using the survey?

Tony: Everyone who’s used it will have realised how easy it really is. The only work required is the up front time investment for putting the phone numbers into the system – just like with all valuable business things. Now that I have my staff contacts set up as a group on Twine, I can send out a survey any time in less than ten minutes – I could literally tell my team member to run another one this afternoon and we would have the results in half an hour!

Twine team: Great! What are the next steps in using Twine?

Tony: Everyone in my team can see the use for it, it’s just about integrating it into our busy schedules. We have a couple of big events coming up in June, with a lot of people attending that have no close relationship with Royds (people we would not have phone numbers for). We are planning to use Twine at those events, so we can gather feedback through surveys that people text in to, which should be great.

Twine team: Any other thoughts on Twine?

Tony: I think – and keep saying to organisations I meet as a Power to Change peer mentor – that Twine is massively useful for community organisations. It is designed for us, not for Power to Change or for other funders.