How can Twine help you during the covid-19 crisis?

by Twine

14th April 2020

Over the coming weeks and months community businesses across the country are adapting to what it means to operate in the midst of a public health crisis and preparing for what might be required in the future.

As the demands of the market change and the needs of community businesses change, so will Twine.

It in that spirit that we are expanding the scope of our resources to make sure we support community businesses as fully as possible.

Today we are pleased to announce three new initiatives that will be coming from Twine in the near future, designed to help community businesses survive the current crisis and thrive beyond it.

New Product: Twine Benchmark (BETA)

Twine Benchmark is a unique financial dashboard and assessment tool built specifically for community businesses in England. It is powered by financial data about 650+ community businesses, gathered over 5 years, making it the a uniquely powerful platform for financial insights into the community business market. Why are we releasing a Beta version of this tool? In what are very uncertain times for community businesses in England, we believe this tool can be hugely useful for community businesses, who, now more than ever, need to understand a bit more about their organisations financial health, where they might have vulnerabilities and how funders and other organisations can get them the support they need.

Check back for more details or email us if you want to be kept up to date with the release of Twine Benchmark

New Service: Digital Service Support Programme

Twine is going to offer community businesses coaching, consultancy and mentoring to deliver services remotely, using technology.

The Twine team will lend community businesses our experience in product and service design to help them either transform an existing service or product into one that can be delivered remotely or devise a new one.

More details on the Digital Service Support Programme and how to apply will be released soon.

New Success Guide: A Guide to Digital Service Design

To support community businesses who are looking to adapt and transform the ways they support their community or generate revenue, we will be releasing a guide to Digital Service Design.

The guide will support community businesses through the process of understanding what they need from a digital service, how to design it and how to deliver it.

We draw from our experiences as a digital and innovation team, as well as industry-standard theory, presented specifically with community businesses in mind.

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