"Having this Evidence is so Helpful" - Neston Community Youth Centre's Experiences with Twine

by Sonja Wiencke

by Twine

1st May 2018

The Neston Community Youth Centre is a hub between Liverpool and Chester, with a host of services on offer every day. They provide support in finding employment, as well as a volunteer befriending service for isolated community members, and activities ranging from yoga to languages for young and old. They were among Twine’s first users, and we have had a chat to their CEO Gareth Prytherch a few months on.

Twine team: What have you made of your first two surveys?

Gareth: We ran the Net Promoter Score, or customer satisfaction survey, because we generally find that insight very difficult to achieve in running our business. We have previously asked our clients whether they would recommend us via online survey, but the trouble with that was that we could only do that with people who had signed up to use our wifi. That obviously skews the results! Running the same survey via Twine on text was really helpful in reaching other parts of our community, and it is really paying dividends for us. Our NPS is currently at 78 which seems very positive.

Then in February this year, we participated in the competition the Twine team promoted, and ran the Neighbourhood Satisfaction survey. That was actually really useful because so many local authority contracts and grants ask about evidence on health and wellbeing – having the evidence from Twine on how people view our work in this area is so helpful for that! We have scheduled to run this survey every 12 months from now, so we can see what changes over time.

Twine team: What were the reactions of your respondents or community members?

Gareth: The first time we did it, some people thought it might be a scam and didn’t answer. Since we started personalising our surveys – you can do that through the intro text function when you send out surveys – people have been reassured that this is legitimate, and they text back. We also put some notices onto our website and other communications with our community, so people know we have this text survey system and they can give us feedback through it. That has worked really well.

Twine team: What are the next steps on Twine?

Gareth: This new app you built for visitors to sign in with a QR code looks great. We are keen to start using that as soon as development is finished!

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