#BetterAlternatives: Meadow Well Connected's experience with measuring customer satisfaction

by Twine

29th October 2018

Twine users are focusing on customer satisfaction in community businesses this autumn, on a mission to prove that community-run services are the #betteralternatives. Read here about that mission and how you can get involved!

One of the organisations that has already run the customer satisfaction survey on Twine is Meadow Well Connected, in North Shields. Twine’s Training Coordinator Edward has caught up with Mandi Cresswell, Chief Officer.

Edward:  Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today! I heard you recently ran the Net Promoter Score/Customer Satisfaction survey and wondered if you could talk a little about it.

Mandi: Sure. Well we didn’t actually run the survey because of the (#BetterAlternatives) campaign. We run the NPS every month to get user feedback.

Edward: That’s cool! So what is your normal process for doing that?

Mandi: Well we get new users each month here at Meadow Well, and we capture their contact number. At the end of the month we put that into Twine, and send those people the opt-in survey. That is our GDPR-compliant way to make sure people consent to receiving surveys from us. Then we invite everyone to the NPS survey who hasn’t done it before.

Edward: Have you had any problems or challenges in running the NPS survey?

Mandi: Sometimes response rates are low on a particular month. But we think that’s just a fluctuating thing; some months are low and others are much better.

Edward: Have you tried anything to overcome that?

Mandi: At the end of each month, we also send that opt-in survey to people from the prior month who didn’t answer at that time. Sometimes we get some of those people who didn’t respond the first time to sign up at the second attempt.

Edward: That’s a good process for doing it! And it’s definitely interesting to see that some of the people who didn’t answer in say August, answer “Yes” in September. Do you ever ask them a third time?

Mandi: No, just the month they first sign up and then the month after. We don’t want to bombard or pester people; but a single reminder seems to be useful. That’s definitely backed up by the extra “Yes” respondents we get from the prior month sometimes.

We also try to make the first text that people get from us via Twine to opt in as friendly and personable as possible. We focus on explaining why their reply will really help Meadow Well.

Edward: Both very sensible ideas. Have you had any comments about the Twine survey tool?

Mandi: No, people seem to utnderstand it as it’s simple. We really like the NPS survey as it asks people whether they’d recommend us.

We have had someone who gave a very low rating on the survey, and followed up with them to gain a better understanding of their ideas. That was a really positive experience! Their reasons for the low rating was that we didn’t offer anything useful to their family from the local area. So that started a whole dialogue about our service.

Edward: That sounds really helpful! Now, that’s an example of a low score, how has it been overall?

Mandi: Really positive actually. We’ve had good results from the NPS and some good learning from the feedback. We also run event surveys via Twine and the feedback on those is also positive.

Edward: That’s great! And the most important part of any survey: what will you be doing differently as a result?

Mandi: We’ve already done that! One user responded that he would appreciate a more welcoming experience from the front desk reception staff. They are often busy doing all sorts of different things. So we made sure they knew about the feedback and can make more of a conscious effort to greet anyone who goes through the main doors.

Edward: That’s a good thing to learn, and an “easy fix” too. We’re all busy but sometimes just taking a second can be really beneficial for people.

Mandi: Exactly!

Edward: Well Mandi, thank you so much for your time today. It’s been lovely to hear about how the NPS Survey has worked for Meadow Well, and we’ll catch up soon!

There’s a snippet of one of our Twine user’s experiences with the NPS Survey.

There are prizes to be won if your organisation runs the NPS survey on Twine before the 26th of November!

If you’d like to do that and have questions, contact Edward at powertochangetwine@gmail.com or on 07520619084.