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How it works


Simple technology

If you subscribe to Twine, you have access to an online tool to gather and analyse the data that matters to you. It is designed to be simple and save you time.

It can collect data through a mobile app for volunteer time, and a footfall tracking app.

Learning from the sector

Twine is more than a software tool: it lets you compare your results against your peers, so you get double the value from every piece of information you collect.

Insight in your inbox

We also offer analysis and insight blogs, based on the sector-wide data from Twine users. 

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Tracking volunteer activities via Smartphone app

Through Twine you can also collect volunteer data through a smartphone app.

Volunteers are important to your business. Twine helps you to measure and show that importance, by tracking the hours they spend working with you. 

Volunteers can log their own hours and activities, or ask an admin to log them on their behalf, on a smartphone. You can view all volunteer data in your Twine workspace, where it is easy to make sense of it. It allows you to see exactly who is supporting you for how many hours, and which times of the day/week/month/year you might be over- or understaffed.

With that knowledge, you can strengthen your relationship with your volunteers, recognise them for their work, and see the overall value they bring.

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Seeing who visits

Twine also gives you an easy way to measure footfall at your business - at events, services you run, or day-to-day.

Our visitor app works like a combination of a visitor sign-in book, and a "membership card". It works on a tablet or laptop, and keeps track of your visitors through QR codes, which they can carry as print-outs or on their smartphones.

The visitor app will allow you to see

how many people visit,

which demographic visits each of the activities you offer,

what times are peaks and troughs,

and how often people come.

New features

Twine is a product in its toddler shoes. We are continuously developing the platform, adding features and making it even better at collecting the right kind of data.

We're always interested in feedback from our users, and are working to implement your suggestions!