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  • 1 What if the indicators that we need to measure are not covered by the Twine surveys?

    While surveys will always be ready-made with questions in your workspace, we are always open for suggestions for new surveys. If the piece of information your organisation needs to measure is not accessible via Twine, send us an email. We will do our best to develop surveys valuable to everyone based on your suggestions.

  • 2 Can we upload our organisation's own surveys and results to the platform?

    No. Twine was created as a unique data collection and knowledge sharing initiative, and it depends on users generating comparable data. For that reason, surveys are ready-made in your workspace. This method has the advantage of allowing you, as a Twine user, to benefit from both the data you collect for your own organisation, and for conclusions the Twine team will be able to make across all Twine users’ data. This also saves your organisation a lot of time!

  • 3 What is the deal with those financial benchmarks?

    The financial benchmarks you can currently see on Twine are our first guess at what we could do, and what would be useful. The data is based on the published annual accounts of all of the 114 Twine users, and shows you how broad categories of your income (earned income vs grants vs donations) compare against your peers.

    We are planning to make this more useful to you in the following ways:

    • Putting the most useful financial indicators up on Twine, so you can get a better grasp of what sustainable finance looks like
    • Introducing filters on the charts so you can only look at organisations in the same sector, of similar size, or working in your region
    • Linking up your bookkeeping system (Quickbooks, Xero, Sage) with our database so we get monthly data from your system
  • 4 Is Twine a social impact measurement platform?

    Sort of. But it depends on what you consider as "social impact measurement".

    We are committed to helping businesses gain insight into their community's attitudes, preferences, and wellbeing changes by collecting reliable data, making sense of it and comparing it in ways that are relevant and helpful. 

    We don’t believe that local social businesses should be engaged in academic style research and full-scale impact evaluation. That would require things like a "control group" (people with the same needs that you do not work with), and a clear "before-and-after" picture, which we know is practically difficult to obtain if you are a community business.

    Instead, Twine wants to encourage the collection of useful data that helps businesses and doesn’t weigh them down.

    The Research Institute a Power to Change collaborates with social scientists on a variety of studies on the impact of local social enterprise, some of which is based on data gathered through Twine. Here is where you can access the sector-scale impact measurement.

  • 5 Is it easy to use?

    One of the reasons for developing Twine was to make it easier and less time consuming for small businesses to collect data. That is reflected in the designs for every feature we have made - we have kept everything as simple as possible.

    Users often tell us that it is really easy to use once you have logged in and clicked all the buttons once. Like any technology, Twine takes a bit of practice first.

    We’re helping subscribers with the trickier bits by providing training online and in person, and a helpline. 

    Any feedback is useful to us and will help us to improve the platform. Do let us know if you have any thoughts about how we could change Twine for the better.

  • 6 How long does it take to set up?

    Setting up your subscription takes a matter of minutes. There is no need to install anything on your computer, only the volunteer app needs to be downloaded.

    Once you receive your login details, you can access video tutorials or different forms of training here.

    Then you are all set, and will be invited to send out your first survey. Once you’re using the platform, we recommend sending surveys at least every three months.

    Volunteer data will be collected whenever volunteering takes place, and uploaded onto your Twine workspace overnight, so you may want to engage with on a regular basis. We’d recommend weekly.

    Visitor data is collected whenever a visitor walks in and uses their "membership card". You can access stats whenever you need to.

  • 7 Do I need technical support?

    Once it’s set up, Twine should need very little technical support. If you do have any questions, please contact our technical team at support+twine@frontlinesms.com

  • 8 What about data protection?

    Under GDPR law, both Power to Change as the agency behind Twine and the organisations using Twine are data controllers. We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that the personal data we hold is kept safe and processed fairly, please see our full Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy for this website for reference.
    As an organisation using Twine, running surveys and monitoring your volunteers will require you to take appropriate measures for data protection. When you sign up, there is a guidance sheet and training provided, but it is essential that your organisation follows its own data protection policy in line with GDPR.