Theresa May's Shared Society

by Twine

5th January 2017

Theresa May’s speech this week about the ‘shared society’ was vague on detail. It did, though, demonstrate a commitment to charities and social enterprises and the role they play in creating thriving communities. 

We share that commitment at Twine, but we aren’t vague on detail. 

Our aim is to support local businesses, be they social enterprises, community businesses, charities or plain old private commerce, to build on their local presence with reliable data that supports their decision making. 

We want businesses to understand the crucial role they play by supporting them through sound financial management and useful benchmarking.

We also want to encourage great customer engagement through regular surveying of the kind that is quite common for big businesses and still rare, where it matters most, for businesses that rely on the regular custom of a much smaller pool of people. 

Finally, we want to help businesses to understand the relationship between their finances and their engagement with the community. 

Do great relationships support local business growth? Intuitively this makes sense, but we’d like to be able to demonstrate that it does, and to help businesses to focus their energies where they matter most, in generating strong community buy in, and buying.