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Our aim with Twine is to offer an effective and simple way for businesses to keep track of their performance so that they can provide an outstanding service to their local area. Our aim is not to maximise profit.

We are committed to keeping for the cost of Twine as low as possible.

At the same time, Twine needs to run just like your business - with enough income to operate sustainably. "Free" software tools online come at a price, too - we prefer to be open and honest about that fact, and charge for the value we deliver to you rather than sell your data.

Our pricing model staggers annual subscription costs based on your organisation's turnover.

For 2018/19, this means

  • if your organisation's turnover is under 100k per year, we charge 600 pounds
  • if your organisation's turnover is over 100k per year, we charge 750 pounds

Subscription covers

  • 12 months access to all features (unless agreed otherwise)
  • access to our support team by email, call, Whatsapp during working hours
  • training online and/or in person for every relevant staff member
  • no restrictions on number of users, logs, surveys etc.
  • access to Twine data insight blogs

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