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How it works

Twine is a subscription service. It combines data from bookkeeping software, customer research and volunteers in an online workspace tailored to the local business owner.

When you subscribe, you are given full access to the financial benchmarks we’ve developed that help measure your activity against your peers. There are also a number of simple ways to collect your impact data such as sending out surveys by text message, and collecting volunteering hours via our Smartphone app.

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Easy surveys via text message

Your Twine subscription means you can send out surveys developed by academics that track things like health, wellbeing and community cohesion. Others ask simple questions that if used consistently, will tell you how happy your customers are with your business.

We are working with Frontline SMS to make sure that surveys can be sent out as simple text messages. We have chosen this method for a number of reasons:
  • Mobile phones are the most widely used technology in the UK, with over 90% of adults having a mobile and 81% of UK adults having a Smartphone
  • They help keep surveys short
  • They are easily automated and keep things simple 
  • They don’t rely on WIFI or internet access

Surveys are a good way of engaging your local community to help you develop a clear picture of your business’s local impact.

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Tracking volunteer hours via Smartphone app

Your subscription to Twine also means you can collect volunteer data through a Smartphone app.This is a slightly more intensive approach to data collection, but we think it’s worth it. 

Local businesses that work with volunteers are likely to have stronger relationships with them than with ordinary customers and can invest in training and encouraging their use of the app. The app is downloaded to each volunteer’s own phone, and the data is collected in your workspace, where Twine helps you to make sense of it.

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New features

We’ve developed Twine as a modular platform, so that we can add new features over time and as we get feedback from our users.

We’re in the process of testing a new module that would mean local businesses could offer loyalty cards to their customers to track their interaction with that business. We’ll keep you posted on our blog as we trial these approaches. 

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