About Us

About us

Twine is a simple business intelligence platform, helping your organisation make your community a better place.

Twine is more than a subscription: 

It is a community of businesses and charities learning from data. This doubles the benefits for you, as Twine supports you with data and learning in two ways:

- it allows you to collect the data that matters to your business, from customers, volunteers, and financial accounts. This can directly translate into better strategic decisions for you.

- all the data collected through Twine is analysed by the Power to Change Research Institute, which will unearth trends and best practices from a sectoral perspective. Your organisation will benefit by receiving the results of this analysis in an actionable way.


Twine is an initiative brought to you by Power to Change, an independent charitable trust set up in January 2015 to support community business in England. Power to Change's purpose is to help communities come together and address local social problems through enterprising solutions. Find out more here.

Twine is modular in design and has been developed by various partners:

  • The text message surveying and workspaces have been developed in partnership with Frontline SMS
  • The financial benchmarking and bookkeeping systems have been developed in partnership with www.mycake.org 
  • The volunteering app and data intermediary that stores information collected by Twine have been developed by Borne and Reason Digital
  • We are currently trialing a system for gathering customer footfall data, developed by Founders and Coders
  • Twine’s Central Hub is the Research Institute at Power to Change. If you have any questions, please let us know