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Twine is a business intelligence platform designed to help local businesses thrive.

Twine is a simple business intelligence platform, helping your organisation make your community a better place.

Are you...

- a local charity?

- a social enterprise?

- a small or medium-sized business that cares about its local community?

Then Twine can help you improve your financial performance as well as your offer to customers, and connect with your local community. 

Twine is not about making a profit, it exists to meet the needs of local businesses.

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Twine is good at making sense of data

As a business owner you’ll know that how well you’re doing depends on how well you understand your customers, staff, volunteers, and community members. Twine can help you collect the data that matters to you and join the dots, so you can be more successful in delivering value to your community.

How does it help you thrive?

Twine analyses your financial, community and volunteering data and paints a clear picture of how each aspect is evolving over time. It provides vital knowledge for improving your business, without requiring you to conduct costly analyses yourself. 

Twine also shows you how well you’re doing in relation to your peers by providing useful benchmarks – this helps you to set targets and develop your strategy for the future.

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Accurate data communicated in an accessible way is vital in helping you make the right decisions, and good decisions help businesses continue to improve and have a positive impact on the people and places they care about.

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